Creativity and differentiation are the foundation of everything we do. We offer public relations services that prepare the companies we work for to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive environment with highly fragmented media and a boom in new social media.

We provide visibility so that clients have a presence in the many different information channels as well as in the creation of links and contact with the different target groups.


At Brand Comunicación, we make sure our clients have a strong presence on social networks and a good relationship with bloggers and influencers. This is essential to be able to transmit an image of a modern, innovative brand, improve Google positioning, have a proactive presence on mobile devices, and also to achieve direct and productive contact with the target group.


A company’s employees and managers are its best ambassadors.

We channel the full potential of a company and its leaders, to develop internal media and communication channels that help support the organization and its business. We work and plan companies’ communication strategies according to their strategic goals.


We complement the communication strategy of the companies we work with through integrated online and offline publicity. We have developed publicity campaigns in many different styles, in addition to being specialised in media planning, product sponsorship and point of sale promotions.


Everything tells a story, and at Brand Comunicación we put imagination and practicality at the service of the client so that all graphic elements and the brand image go hand in hand with what we want to get across through the different communication channels.


The experience of Brand-Events, our specialized division in the events and communications sector, allows us to work on a complete event proposal where we can maximise the differential value of our clients and achieve the overall strategic goals.

Brand-Events goes beyond looking for a space and hiring suppliers by designing a complete proposal with particular attention to market segmentation, business KPIs and the emotional return obtained.