It is now 14 years since Brand Comunicación was founded. Since then, over the years we have acquired experience, knowledge, and know-how, and have also seen first-hand the huge change that has come about in communications and public relations.

Ten years ago, none of us could have imagined how important social networks, the Internet and mobile devices would be in our lives and our profession today; we had never heard of influencers, bloggers, or instagrammers; and we had never even questioned whether the printed media might one day disappear.

Yet, despite being unable to even imagine this landscape, we have responded to all the changes and challenges that have presented themselves, always working closely with our clients, understanding what they need, and also the needs of the media industry. When all’s said and done, we know that being a communications agency makes us a link between them; that we are a linchpin in the exciting and enjoyable world of communications and public relations.

Without a set course, no wind is favourable

Our new website symbolizes this change and progression that we have experienced without losing the essential “Brand” spirit. We believe in innovation and in new technologies, but we also stand for close relationships and working proactively with our clients, suppliers, and the media; an approach that we wish to continue to get across to everyone who does business with us.

We are at the start of a new era in which Brand Comunicación, together with the E-Brand division, will be dedicated to public relations, digital marketing, design, graphic production, and internal communications. Added to this, Brand Events will handle event organization, MICE and DMC.

Will you join us on our journey?